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  • Folk Museum in Kolbuszowa invites for workshops of regional cuisine

    Folk Museum in Kolbuszowa invites for workshops of regional cuisine During 6 workshops you will know recipies for traditional dishes and delicacy. All prepared by the original recipies of Lasowiacy and Rzeszowicy ethnic groups.
  • "Autumnal subcarpathian festival of art and handicraft" in Hotel** and Restaurant Jaś Wędrowniczek

    Autumnal subcarpathian festival of art and handicraft in Hotel** and Restaurant Jaś Wędrowniczek  12th October, Saturday for children11 am - 5 pmWorkshops of handicraft, meeting with the authors,Maska Theatre from Rzeszów - performance for children13th October, Festival Sunday11 am - 7 pmIn program: concert "Karczmarze",fair of handicraft,performance of Viking combat,carpathian belly timber and more.Reservation for wrorkshop and performance of the theatre RECEPTION 13 435 67 33, 603 364 444.For all events free access.
  • "From classic to present". Filmic review in Przemyśl

    "From classic to present" Filmic review in Przemyśl 28th September, 6 pmSilent film. "Modern times" Charlie Chaplin29th September, 6 pmBreakthrough in movie narration."Citizen Kane" Orson Wells26th October, 4 pmPeriod of new wave.
  • The 8th Festival of Poetry and Prose

    The 8th Festival of Poetry and Prosein JasłoIn program meetings with authors, workshops for children and teenagers, screenings, concert of poetic song and especially for the festival performance "Dialogue of the three arts".Access for events is free of charge.Concert of poetic song will perfomance Czesław Mozil.
  • The 4th Diplomatic Raut in Kombornia Manor Hotel & Spa

    The 4th Diplomatic Raut in Kombornia Manor Hotel & Spa 27th of September at 8.00 pm.It will be social meeting connected with the auction of artworks, behalf disabled and mentally handicapted from Public Centrein Rymanów.
  • The 6th Teatralia - Festival of Alternative Theatres

    The 6th Teatralia - Festival of Alternative Theatres  Festival takes place for the 6th time in Regional Centre of Bordeline Culture in Krosno.PROGRAM6th Septemberat 5.30 pm "Foggy Billy" - Teatr Figur, Kraków (ticket 7zł)at 7.00 pm  "Prayer" - Teatr Terminus A Quo, Nowa Sól (ticket 7 zł)at 8.
  • The 5th International Festival of Borderland Culture in Jarosław

    The 5th International Festival of Borderland Culture in Jarosław  PROGRAM6th September Centre of Promotion and Culture in Jarosławat 5.00 pm Inaugural lecture at 7.00 m Vernishing day of exhibition "Wołyń 2013"7th SeptemberMarket Square "Meeting of many cultures"at 11.00 am to 6.
  • The 10th Galicja Blues Festival Krosno 2013

    The 10th Galicja Blues Festival Krosno 2013  PROGRAM11th September at 8.00 pmSilent movies, Andrzej Serafin "Der Mude Tod" /1921, ArtKino, Beszczadzka Street 1, ticket cost 15 zł12th September at 6.
  • The 4th Arts Day in Krosno

    The 4th Arts Day in KrosnoSpecial concertGuests from Milanese La Scala:Sofia Solovyi - soprano / ItalyFrancesco Malapena - tenor / ItalyJan Michalak - bass - baryton / Poland Orchestra of Theatre, Opera and Ballet of Salomea Kruszewicka in LvivBandleader Miron Jusypowicz / UkraineJanusz Powolny / PolandI part of the concert "Viva Verdi"II part "Hits from operettas and musicals"Association "Czyń Dobro, Mimo Wszystko" and Agency Aplauzinvites to Regional Centre of Borderline Cultures in Krosno, 5th of October at 7 pm..
  • Concert VIVA VERDI in Krasiczyn

    Music Theatre in LublinCultural Centre in PrzemyślCastle and Park in Krasiczyninvites forConcert VIVA VERDI15th of September 2013, at 5 pm Castle's yard in Krasiczyn.Concert is organized because of the Giuseppe Verdi's Year.It will be an official opening of cultural year in Cultural Centre in Przemyśl..
  • The 34th Theatrical Meetings in Krosno

    The 34th Theatre Meetings in KrosnoRegional Centre of Boarderline Cultures in KrosnoKolejowa Street 18th of November at 7.30 pm"The second section"The Capitol Theatre, Warsaw12th November at 7.30 pm"Jekyll/ Hyde"The Polonia Theatre, Warsaw13th of November at 7.
  • The 20th Theatrical Autumn of Przemyśl

    The 20 th Theatrical Autumn in Przemyśl30 th of October at 10.00 am"Bleee...
  • The 10th Three Cultures Meeting

    The 10th Three Cultures Meetingin LeżajskSquare beside the Municipal Culture Center ( Mickiewicza Street 65) at 3 pm. Arrangers invites for concert, fair of handicraft and exhibitions. Tasting of polish, ukrainian and jewish cuisine.See more on: .
  • Scandia Marathon Lang Team. Cycling in Rzeszów

    Scandia Marathon Lang TeamCycling in Rzeszów8th September 4-7 pm and 9th September 8-10.
  • VII Festival of Żarnowiec

    Museum of Maria Konopnicka in Żarnowiecinvites for theVII Festiwal of Żarnowiec 7th September 7 pmConcert "Dawnych wspomnień czar" ("Charm of old-time memories") ticket 30 zloty 8th September 7 pmConcert "Musical journey from Broadway to Hollywood" ticket 30 zloty9th September 7 pmConcert "Great opera gala: Usta milczą dusza śpiewa" ticket 30 zloty10th September 6 pm Place: Manor house of Maria Konopnicka "In tribute to Maria Konopnicka" concert on the 170th anniversary of birth and 50th anniversary of inception of museum.Free entrance.See more on: .

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