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  • X Multicultural Festival of Galicja

    X Multicultural Festival of Galicja11th Sptember  6.30 pm "Pod Niedźwiadkiem" Rynek Street 1Presentation "Merkury in Lviv" about fairs, craftsmen and businessmen in Przemyśl. By Tomasz Kuba Kozlowski.
  • I Festival of Folk Music Eurogalicja

    I Festival of Folk Music EurogalicjaPlace: Horsey Club "Zabajka"3 pm Beginning of the festival3.30-8.30 pm competitive examination of bands: Troty, Łubu-Dubu, Barban, Karczmarze NaNowo, Hawok.
  • IV International Festival of Borderline Culture

    IV International Festival of Borderline CulturePromoter invites for concerts and handicraft fair at the market square (8th and 9th of September). 10th September at 6 pm recital of Irena Santor-guest of this festival edition. Number of sittings is limited.11th September at 5.
  • Galicja Blues Festival 2012

    Galicja Blues Festival 201212th September at 8 pmSilent film "gabinet doktora Caligari", music by Andrzej Serafin/ cost of ticket 10 zloty13th September at 6 pmCompetitive audition CHEAP TOBACCO, Don't shoot the pianist/ ticket 20 zloty14th Sptember at 6 pmCompetitive audition Los Agentos and Friends/ ticket 20 zloty15th September at 6 pmPro Musica Grand Standard Orchestra, Prizewinner of the competition, Jack Moore and Tomasz Gorczyca Band (UK and Pl), Dave Herrero & The Hero Brother Band (USA)/ ticket 40 zloty16th September at 7 pmSilvan Zingg (Ch)/ ticket 30 zlotyTicket are available in Regional Centre of Borderline Cultures in KrosnoKolejowa Street 1, phone number 13 432 18  .
  • Festival of the River San Valley

    Festival of the River San ValleyMultimedia ShowStart at 6 pm in MuczneMultimedia show:Grzegorz Leśniewski- audiovisual showMariusz Nędzyński- filmsPresentation of astronomical Dark Sky ParkPerformance of following bands: Zamojska Ofensywa Brunetów, Chelmski Bard Jarek Buczek, 4 Pory Roq .
  • The 2nd Vocal Holiday of Rzeszów

    The 2nd Vocal Holiday of RzeszówConcert in memory of ZauchaConcert will be revision of Andrzej Zaucha songs. Which become more and more forsaken.Holiday is organized by Artistic Group of Rzeszów.
  • The 3rd Apiculture of Sanok County

    The 3rd Apiculture of Sanok CountyAt 1pm in the Museum of Folk Construction in Sanok, will start this unusual  festivity.There will be beekeeping presentations, craft exhibitions, tastings of gloceries.
  • The 1st Witches' Sabbath in Bieszczady

    The 1st Witches' Sabbath in BieszczadySabbath starts at 3 p.m.Promoter invites for concerts and many other amusements.More on website: .
  • The Cieszanów Rock Festival

    The Cieszanów Rock FestivalPromoter invates rock music fans for the following concerts: 24th of April T.
  • "Cultural Furnace" in The Glass Heritage Centre

    "Cultural Furnace" in The Glass Heritage CentreProject relates 3 elements: metallurgic demonstrations, concerts and the 3-d mapping shows.25th of August is planned artistic metallurgic demonstration, performs Henryk Rysz.
  • The Bies Czad Blues Festival 2012

  • Carpathian Climates - Krosno

    Carpathian Climates - Krosno Carpathian Climates („Karpackie Klimaty”) is an event that refers to the old tradition of trading in Hungarian wine. For several days in August, Krosno i converted into a Hungarian town. Hungarian culture is presented together with wine tasting.More information: http://www.
  • Festival of Old-time Music - Song of Our Roots

    Festival of Old-time Music - Song of Our Roots – Jarosław 19 - 26 VIII 2012  The interiors of historic churches in Jarosław resound every year in August with the music from centuries ago. The groups not only from Europe perform old-time sacred music connected with various cultures - Christianity, Judaism, Islam.More information: : http://www.
  • "Every Sunday in the yard"

    This series are meetings with folk art and regional cuisine. They are organized in every Sunday in July and August. You can see there the work of a beekeeper and taste the local cuisine .


Podkarpacka Regionalna
Organizacja Turystyczna

ul. Grunwaldzka 2 (wejście od ul. Matejki)
35-068 Rzeszów
tel. +48 17 852 00 09

"Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget through the Carpathian Euroregion in the CBC Programme Poland - Slovak Republic 2007 - 2013"