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19.08.2019, PONIEDZIAŁEK


Landscape Park Of Solska Primeval Forest


  • City state: Lubaczowski
    Community: Narol
  • First phone +48 16 670 48 74
    Fax: +48 16 670 48 74
  • Latitude (X):
    N 0° 0' 0"
    Longitude (Y):
    E 0° 0' 0"

Touristic attactions
(Landscape Parks)


  • Grading system: Lack


One part of the Solska Primeval Forest Landscape Park created in 1989, Iies in the northeasterrn part of Podkarpackie Province and occupies 7.675 ha in the communes of Cieszanów and Narol. The remaining part, with an area of 21.303 ha, lies in Lublin Province, in the communes of Józefów, Tomaszów Lubelski, Susiec, Łukowa., Obsza and Aleksandrów. The Park is comprised of the forested southwestern hills of the edge portion of Middle Roztocze and some parts of Solska Primeval Forest stretching at their foot. The landscape`s dominant elements are hills (320m), dunes, and numerous swamps and peatbogs. The Forest Inspectorates of Narol and Józefów manage the woods occupying 85% of the Park`s area. They arę mostly pinewoods and beech woods with a considerable component of fir and alder. Among the Park predominant features is the concordance between the species of the tree stands and the conditions of the habitat, resulting in the natural stability of the flora makeup. Enormous diversity of habitats is reflected by the abundance of species making up the undergrowth; about 40 are protected, including roundleaved sundew, ivy, fir club-moss, twayblade, siberian iris, orchids. Large forest complexes, wetlands and ponds are the refuge to a great number of animal species. Among the most important birds belong rednecked grebe, white stork, black stork, marsh harrier, capercaillie, black grouse, gray wagtail.

Podkarpacka Regionalna
Organizacja Turystyczna

ul. Grunwaldzka 2 (wejście od ul. Matejki)
35-068 Rzeszów
tel. +48 17 852 00 09

"Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget through the Carpathian Euroregion in the CBC Programme Poland - Slovak Republic 2007 - 2013"