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18.08.2019, NIEDZIELA


Magurski National Park



Touristic attactions
(National Parks)


  • Grading system: Lack


Beskid Niski makes upthe lowest mountain chain of The Polish Carpathians. Its highest peak is Lackowa 997 metres above sea level. The mountains hete are usually low and easy, with long ribs, flattened tablelands and domed summits. Magurski National Park stretches over an area of approximately 19,300 squarekilometres. Located in the heart of Beskid Niski, the Park encompassesthe land from a sweeping range of Magura Wątkowska, the Kamień massif and adjacent borderline range spreading from the springs of the Wisłoka river to the Baranie peak. The Park protects, among others, fragments of Carpathian woods with ancient beech and fir forests as well asrefuges of big birds of pray and predatory mammals. It is a natural habitat for around 200 species under strict specific protection, such as Lesser Spottes Eagle, the symbol of the Park. Furthermore, the Park area comprises of the rock reserve Kornuty and the natural phenomenon Diabli Kamień ( the Devil`s Stone). In Krempna there is the Museum of Nature. Beskid Niski is an excellent place for horse-riding and cycling tourism. Other attractions that arouse a lot of interest range from Lemko`s Horse Rides, driving and lassoing big herds of cattle to riding youngstallions and many others.

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