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Walking trails

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  • Nature Trail "Bukowy Las"

    `Bukowy las` (`Beech forest`) is a trail located in the nature reserve with the same name. The reserve is situated within the Landscape Park of Solska Primeval Forest. The reserve is the remnant of original beech forests covering the area of Roztocze.

  • Nature Trail "Czarnorzeki - Dzial"

    `Czarnorzeki - Dział` is a nature trail situated near the Prządki Nature Reserve. It is easily available - everyone can get there by a car, a coach (car park in Czarnorzeki), a bike or a regular bus. The trail leads through interesting parts of the Dynów Foothills.

  • Nature Trail "Drzewa Parku Podworskiego w Jureczkowej"


    The trail leads through the post-manorial park in Jureczkowa situated in the Słonne Mountains Landscape Park. The garden was established in the 19th century in rectangular layout. Nowadays there are found here: access road with bridge on the Wiar river, remains of fortifications and beautiful specimens of old trees, linden alley.

  • Nature Trail "Kobyle Jezioro"

    Huta Złomy

    `Kobyle Jezioro" (`Lake Kobyle`) trail begins in the village of Huta Złomy. On the route there are 8 boards with information about peculiarities of the neighbourhood area. One can admire here a variety of flora and fauna and see a calcareous cross. The trail is equipped with a watchtower..

  • Nature Trail "Na gorze Sobien"

    "Na górze Sobień" (`On the Mt Sobień`) Nature Trail begins in the `Góra Sobień` Nature Reserve. On the elevation one can see flora of the reserve as well as ruins of 16th c. castle of the Kmita family. On the route tourists can also admire interesting ravines and gorges of the Leśny stream.

  • Nature Trail "Przy Zamku Kamieniec"

    The trail called `Przy Zamku Kamieniec` (`At the Kamieniec Castle`) leads through peculiar forest habitats situated in the Southwestern part of the Dynów Foothills.

  • Nature Trail "W krainie myszołowa"

    The trail leads to the hill called Szeroka Łąka (618 m). From the hill one can see Otryt and Ostry ranges. On the route there are found: fragments of the Carpathian beechwood, a landslide, a stream wellhead with numerous hydrphilic plants, a pond and a 40 years old stand of Grey Alder.

  • Nature Trail "W przelomie Jasiołki"

    The trail leads along the gorge of the Jasiołka river as well as through nature reserve. The trail is about 4000 metres and 2 hours long. In 1944 the area was the place of bloody battle of the Przełęcz Dukielska (Dukielska Pass).

  • Nature Trail "Wokol Kamienca i Przadek"


    The trail called `Wokół Kamieńca i Prządek` (`Around Kamieniec and Prządki`) leads through the most interesting parts of Czarnorzecko-Strzyżowski Landscape Park. It is intended for intermediate cyclists. The most difficult are the subsidiary passages: Korczyna - Kamieniec castle and Czarnorzeki - Sucha Góra.

  • Nature Trail "Zamek Kamieniec - Przadki"


    The trail is situated 8 kilometres away from Krosno between the Kamieniec Castle and the Prządki Nature Reserve. On the route one can admire beautiful views characteristic of the Foothills - forests and fields on mountain slopes..

  • The BdPN


    Rooms for 2 and 3 persons. It is centre of information about Bieszczady and National Park of Bieszczady..

  • The Green Trail

    The trail begins in Horyniec, leads through Dziewięcierz, Werchrata, Monastyrz, Jacków Ogród and ends in Narol. Near the village of Nowiny Horynieckie there is situated the wooden shrine of the Mother of God. Near the shrine there are located a few sources of mineral water which is being used in eye disese treatment.

  • The Youth School Hostel


    Hostel offers cheap and cosy accommodation. There is self-service kitchen, well equipped. Bathrooms with showers. In hostel is common room and dining room. It is possible to order feeding in school mess.

  • Trail "Za Niwa"

    Horyniec Zdroj

    The trail begins and ends behind the health resort "Uzdrowisko Horyniec spółka z o.o.". For the health resort visitors the trail performs especially recreational and curative functions. On the route there are found resting places and boards with information about local flora.

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