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15.09.2019, NIEDZIELA


The Convent of Sisters of Mercy in Przeworsk


  • Street Krakowska  1
    Przeworsk 37-200
  • City: Przeworsk
    City state: Przeworski
    Community: Przeworsk
  • Latitude (X):
    N 0° 0' 0"
    Longitude (Y):
    E 0° 0' 0"

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  • Grading system: Lack


The Convent of Sisters of Mercy was founded in 1768 by Antoni Lubomirski, Governor of Lublin Province and his wife Zofia Krasinska from the Korwin family. It was erected in the place of former hospital of Holy Spirit. Convent was close related to hospital and girls school. Monastery building has three extensions, it is storied and connected to church with baroque fasade. In the monastery building there are a lot of precious paintings deriving  from old churches: of Snowy Virgin Mary and Holy Spirit and also portraits of founders. Currently Sisters manage the Special Home for Adults and the monastery houses: Care House for Women, kindegarten and the Caritas Association.

Podkarpacka Regionalna
Organizacja Turystyczna

ul. Grunwaldzka 2 (wejście od ul. Matejki)
35-068 Rzeszów
tel. +48 17 852 00 09

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