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17.09.2019, WTOREK


"Live open air museums" in Przeworsk


  • вулиця Łańcucka  2
    Przeworsk 37-200
  • місцевість: Przeworsk
  • Перший телефон +48 16 649 23 00
  • географічні координати (широта):
    N 0° 0' 0"
    географічні координати (довгота):
    E 0° 0' 0"

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Культурні установи
Музеї під відкритим небом)


  • Катерогія: Відсутність


Pastewnik is a complex of historic wooden buildings moved to this place from Przeworsk and from villages Gać and Krzeczowice. It is one of few so-called “live open air museums” in Poland used as an inn, hotel and camping.The initiator and founder of this museum was Stanisław Żuk, architect and real enthusiast of wooden architecture. Construction and arrangement of the museum started in 1976 and lasted about 10 years. Heritage Park is located near the Palace and Park complex by the international route Krakow – Lvov. The most important for creators of the museum was to preserve material culture and find a new function for each building. It was a great idea to turn disused buildings into lodging places. It was planned that the museum will consists of: 14 historic wooden buildings, formed Galician market square dated on the 19th century, 7 farmsteads, water mill, windmill, sawmill, manor house and folk house.

Podkarpacka Regionalna
Organizacja Turystyczna

ul. Grunwaldzka 2 (wejście od ul. Matejki)
35-068 Rzeszów
tel. +48 17 852 00 09

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